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Vacuum Tube Circuits
DTL1 Ver.1a LHE Dual Triode Line-Amp - Updated
6GV8/ECL85 LHE Low Power Guitar Amp
Shure M65 Phono Pre-Amp
MC-RIAA Phono Pre-Amp
3 Tube Phono Pre-Amp
4 Tube Phono Pre-Amp
QuadII - 2 x KT66 P-P Power Amp
Pilot AA-902 - 2 x 6V6 P-P Power Amp
4xEL34 - Laney Klipp 100W Guitar Amp
4x6550 - Stromberg - Carlson 80W Amp
RCA 25 W OTL Music Amp Six Tube Transformerless Power Amp
Variable Audio Generator - Wien-Bridge Oscillator with Dual Triode
Tube Voltmeter - Economical Vacuum Tube Voltmeter
Power Supply - Regulated Vacuum Tube PSU
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Test Instruments
Automatic AF - RF Probe - Probe switches automatically between AF and RF
1kHz Test Oscillator - transistor or Op-Amp version
Variable Frequency Audio Oscillator - easy to build
Wien-Bridge Oscillator - Variable 15Hz - 150kHz
Voltage to Frequency Converter - use your frequency meter for voltage measurements
Solid State Amplifiers
15 Watts Amp - easy to build. Click here for parts list & spec.
22 Watts Amp - needs only single voltage supply 
40 Watt Hi-Fi Amp - build your home stereo. Click here for parts list & spec.
15-100 Watts Power Amp - you choose the output power. Click here for parts list & spec.
100 Watt Amp - another 100 W power amp.
230 Watt Amp - brute power. Click here for parts list & spec.
100W Digital - Class D Amplifier
Download class-D-zxcd1000.pdf - Class D Amplifier based on the ZXCD1000
Download Class_D_Ny_Elektronik_1986.pdf - Minimalist Class D Amplifier
Power Supplies
Variable Output Power Supply - essencial device on your bench
Experimenters Benchtop PS. - 5 Volt fixed and variable output
Basic Regulated Power Supplies - with overload protection
Multi Output Power Supply - from one center tapped transformer
Pre-Amplifier & Sound Effect Circuits
RIAA Phono Pre-Amp - two transistor magnetic cartridge phono pre-amp
Ic RIAA Phono Pre-Amp - magnetic cartridge phono pre-amp
Guitar Mixer Pre-Amp - Big Bass
updated 03/02/13.


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