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Vacuum Tube Electronics
Online Antique and Vintage Radio References
Vacuum Tube Theory and Circuits
Motherload of Homebrew Projects
Vacuum Tube & Semiconductor Projects, Circuits, Datasheets
Radio & TV Schematics
Radio Restoration Recources
Fun with Tubes by Max Robinson
WLW700 - 500 kW AM Super Station
Guitar Audio & FX
Duncanamps Guitar Amplifiers, Vacuum Tubes, and Design Tools
Over 400 Schematics, Guitar Amps and Effects. Polish Site
Red Baron - DIY Two Channel Guitar Amp
Ampage - Guitar Effects & Amplification Recources
Guitar Amp's Mods & Maintenance
Guitar Amp Recources
Guitar Effects Pedals, Schematics, Stompboxes & Electronic Projects
Free Info Society - Amplifier Schematics
Electronic Music DIY Archive
DIY FX Schematic & Projects Archive
The Sound of Wires and other Myths
Ethan Winer, Audiophoolery
Roger Russell, Audio Distortions
Soul of Sound by Lynn Olson
Pseudo-Science in Audio
Tubes Versus Transistors-Is There an Audible Difference?
Spice, CAD & PCB Design
Linear Technology LTSpice IV, fully functional, free Spice Simulator
LTSpice Help Forum
A resource for designing tube amplifiers with SPICE simulation
Quickstart Tutorial for Spice 3
Spice Overview
Spice Overview
The Spice Page - Interactive User Guide
Links to Online SPICE Resources
Spice Links to Recources
Tube Model Page
Information Source for the Spice Electronic Simulation Users
Misc. PCB Design Recources and Downloads
PCB CAD Dowloads
Design Spark Design Tools - Free
Altium/Protel Legacy PCB CAD Software Download (Autorax/Easytrax) Freeware
Free Autotrax Gerber Converter RS274D to RS274X
PROTEL Autotrax/Easytrax Recources
Home Brew PCB Fabrication Instructions
Homebrew Projects, Circuits & Tutorials
General Electronics Info & Tutorials
Electronic Hardware Information, Guides and Tools
Discover Circuits - Collection of 40000+ electronic circuits or schematics
All About Circuits -Electronics Community - Design & Programming, Tutorials
Electronic Circuits, diagrams, software, tutorials
Over 3000 Circuits
Explore Electronic Circuits and Tutorials
Motherload of Homebrew Projects
Projects, Circuits & Tutorials
Circuit lab, Diagrams, Free circuits, Electronics periodical, Design
Electronics Theory Tutorials
Audio Amplifier Schematics Collection
Interfacing the PC & more
Reference & Service Manuals
Vintage LEAK, QUAD and Wireless Magazine Articles
Popular Electronics Magazine Download
Hewlett Packard Journals 1949-1998
Vacuum Tube Datasheets
Soviet Tube Datasheets
Free Online Calculators for Engineers
Online Reference & Tools
Vintage Semiconductors Datasheets
Aaron's Synth DIY Datasheet and Ap Note Collection
Transistors Datasheet. Parameters and Characteristics
Vintage European Transistor Parameters
Find Datasheets
All About Capacitors
Semiconductor Database
Test Instruments Schematics & Manuals
Misc. Test Instruments & HAM Schematics
Heathkit Schematic Diagram Archive
EBAMAN :: File Repository
Schematics Unlimited
Schematics for Consumer Electronics
Audio Gear Manuals
Service manuals, Service schematics, Datasheets, SMD code
Other Recources
Metal Finishing Metal Finishing


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